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Medical/Surgical Services

At Oak Hill Animal Hospital we offer medical and surgical services for small animals. Our focus is on pet wellness with an emphasis on proper nutrition and preventative care.

We have an in-house laboratory for diagnostic, baseline and pre-surgical blood work. We also offer state-of-art Digital X-Ray diagnostics.

As part of our preventative care we provide wellness examinations, vaccinations, dental services, nutritional consultation, parasite prevention/treatment and senior pet wellness.

We also provide surgical services as well as diagnosis and treatment of your pet when it isn’t feeling well.

Cat Boarding

We are offer Cat Boarding in our state-of-the-art Cat Condos. These condos provide a stress-reduced environment for your pet by giving them separate quarters for litter, feeding and rest. They can also be customized to provide even more room for your kitty by expanding into adjacent units.

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